Bibie Brew stardom began with Fela Kuti in Nigeria

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When Bibie left her home at a tender age to see famous musician Fela Kuti

she was only 18 years of age.

Travelling overland from her native Ghana, she reached Togo, then Benin, and finally Lagos, Nigeria.

Her dream would come true : She finally met the famed Fela Kuti in Lagos at the then famous ‘ Shrine ‘.

Like so many other musicians, singers and performing artists before, she was giving everything to perform and to be noticed by the then Guru of Nigerian soul.

Narrating the story to us, we were privileged to listen until late night.

Fela Kuti was the name in the music industry. Long after, music greats like Ginger Baker of the famous band Cream also went to see and work with him in Lagos.

Fela was an icon. And Bibie was his disciple.

Watch Bibie Brew performing now in Ghana, many years later :


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