Cotton fiber maturity, spinning process analysis, Textile processing, Spinning machines

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TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY BASE TEXTILE SPINNING  Fiber immaturity in Cotton and its correlation towards nepsEvery ‘spinner’ knows the implications of immature fibers in cotton. In practical terms immature gfiber content is noticed in several processes and stages. First, a nep count is taken right at the bale – preferably from as many bales as possible – in at least every tenth bale and 4 corners. Before bales are put on opening line. High variations can be observed. Bales must be seggregated and classified , then sorted before adding to the processing batch.Nep count must be followed through to final stage with correcting measuries applied to each process if necessary.Depending on origin, staple, nep content, final count, spinning process, method, a more careful approach can so be achieved. The spinning process can be better controlled this way.


via cotton fiber immaturity, spinning process analysis, Textile processing, Spinning machines.

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