Synthetics and Man-made Staple fibers

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With everyday increasing consumer demand with regard to Synthetics, Man-Made staple fibers, the emphasis has somewhat shifted away from Natural Cotton.
The main reason for this is price. Further it is more cumbersome to spin Cotton than synthetic or man made fibers. Wastage adds another cost factor which can not be overlooked.
It comes as no surprise to Yarn manufacturers, demand of man made fibers is on the increase, and delivery periods are getting longer.
No walk – in purchases are possible, especially with the top end manufacturers.
Low – end users of such fibers carry heavy risks. Underestimating these could be a crucial costy
mistake for  buyers in a manufacturing company Spinning conditions

  • Ideally, Spinning conditions for Man-made fibers as well as Synthetics are in the range of 50 – 55 % R.H. In non-Air conditioned plants such conditions are almost impossible to achieve.
  • If one would consider the temperature / R.H. relationship, a plant with Air Condition would be operating in an ambient environment of roughly 24 – 27 degrees centigrade, depending on climate.
  • Such conditions are comfortable to work in. A different picture altogether one is confronted with in non-Air conditioned environments, especially in tropical zones.
  • Ambient temperatures reach 40 plus degrees during days, and seldom fall below 28 degrees Centigrade during the night. Under extreme temperatures maintaining the relative humidity level is a challenge, if not an impossible task.
  • The right environment for operating staff must not be overlooked, as it has a direct effect on labor efficiency.
  • In extreme conditions, attempting to achieve optimal R.H. levels risk ambient temperatures to rise above 35 degrees, and only will drop slightly during the night


  • In clear terms, there can be no 100 % reliable solution. Spinning of Synthetics and Man mades means a fully Air-conditioned environment.
  • What can be achieved by the operator of a mill is to compromise on all ends.

We must be clear about one thing : Man-made fibers as well as Synthetics are what their name inclines :

Therefore the (relative) handling of natural fibers is not to be taken for granted.

Many more, detrimental or enhancing issues come to light, and it solely depends on the fiber Expert
to make it – or break it.

In my professional younger days I was confronted with extreme conditions with regard to choice, availability, operating conditions in Spinning plants.

Unfortunately, Mill owners almost never  listen to advice from experts, except when disaster strikes. Their only concern seems the cost of raw materials.
Any lot that looks cheap is being purchased, regardless whether or not it is workable.

Technical Consultant Spinning


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